Best Small Lightweight Cordless Drill Driver

small lightweight cordless drill driver

The drill is designed to drill holes in various surfaces. What other functions can it perform and what to consider when buying, read in our short guide for choosing this power tool.

Professional or household?
Depending on how often you intend to use the drill, you can understand which model you need: professional or household. If you plan to work with the tool every day, and even for several hours, choose from a number of professional ones; otherwise, it will quickly fail. If you need a drill from time to time, opt for household models: they are equipped with a less powerful engine, however, unlike professional ones, they have wider functionality and are cheaper.

Best small lightweight cordless drill driver

Drill type

The hammerless drill has the functions of drilling and screwing-unscrewing fasteners. The absence of a percussion mechanism allows you to make holes of high accuracy, provides a compact size and light weight of the device, however, due to this, such a drill can only be used with materials of low strength.

The hammer drill is equipped with a hammer mechanism. This means that in addition to rotational, the drill head also performs translational movements back and forth. Such a function increases the torque of the device, which guarantees the possibility of drilling even very hard materials: concrete, brick, natural and artificial stone. Such a drill can also be used as a screwdriver.

A drill / driver is designed for screwing and unscrewing screws and self-tapping screws, but, unlike a simple screwdriver, it is equipped with a drilling function. This device is an indispensable assistant in the assembly of furniture. The drill mixer mixes various construction solutions, glue, paint. Suitable for drilling, but not hard surfaces. Such drills have high power and torque, but there is no shock function.

The best cordless drills may not have constant power and maximum torque from a wired electric drill powered by AC, but for most DIY applications they are much more convenient and powerful enough. During the blocking, they sold very well, so if Britain has more shelves, now that the worst of it will end.

Modern cordless drills offer more features than ever, thanks in large part to the advent of a lithium-ion battery. Lithium-ion batteries are not only lighter than older nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) batteries – they significantly save weight on the wrist and forearm – they also hold a charge when not in use, and do not mind charging them half empty .

The key factor is the voltag. Simply put, the higher the battery voltage, the more power and torque you will have to drill through durable materials such as steel, especially concrete and brick.

As an added bonus, all cordless drills serve two purposes: drilling and screwdriving. Combined drills are slightly different in that they also include impact for heavy masonry. If you live in an apartment with plasterboard walls, most likely you do not need this extra power.

Most instructors in this review will do the basic things themselves, but it goes without saying that you get what you pay for. More expensive models are invariably better built and add more energy to your elbow.